Monday, December 31, 2007

Kalsubai conquered

Height - 1646 metres (5400 feet)
Location - Maharashtra, India

For the uninitiated, Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra. Conquering Kalsubai has been a long standing dream for me. And I successfully managed to fulfill that dream on 15-Dec-2007. It was indeed a thrilling experience. Ok, I won't call it in the league of Mt. Everest, but still. The trek was a real thrill. But more than the trek was the thrill of standing on the top of Mt. Kalsubai. The strong wind along with the wind chill, the temple of Kalsubai devi at the top, the view of the other forts in the region and the mountains all around, clouds below us - it was just too good... The visibility was not that good because of the fog. However, there were times when the fog would clear to allow extended visibility. One thing that I missed on that trek was my camera. Watching the sunrise while ascending was also a sight to behold. The trek was tough and exhausting, primarily because of the terrain. But all the exhaustion disappeared once I reached the top. However, as always is the case when I visit various forts in the hills, one thought got strengthened in my mind - 'No challenge is so big that it cannot be overcome.' Whatever we do, how much ever we progress, mountains will always remind you that mother nature can never be taken for granted. There is more to life than just our office, home and issues at these places.

Celebrate Life!!!!!!!

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