Monday, September 03, 2007

This happens only in Mumbai!!!

Mumbai is a city of dreams. And it also is a city that has all kinds of people. People who behave peculiarly, people who dress peculiarly. And the best way to come across all such people is to travel in Mumbai. Travel, either by train or by road, and you are sure to come across such people who make your day.

Today, while coming to office, I saw a man riding a bike. A man riding a bike is a common thing, until you realize what he is wearing. While looking out of the window of the bus, I noticed this man driving alongside the bus. I could see that he was a cautious driver, since he was wearing his helmet. I was wondering if he belonged to some IT company and decided to see if he had his ID card around his neck, as the colour of the sling makes it a bit simpler to identify the organization. :-) But I did not see any such accessory. However, he was wearing a half sleeves shirt and red shorts. I mean, riding a bike wearing a shorts is not wrong. But the biggest was yet to come. When I saw his shorts, I thought he must have gone to some sports ground for exercising or for a game with his friends; which means he should be wearing sports shoes. And sports shoes have always caught my attention - irrespective of whether they are new or old, or worn by a man or a woman. So I decided to check out this guy's shoes. And I was a bit surprised by what I saw. He was not wearing sports shoes. Instead, he was wearing black leather shoes. And the shoes were upto ankle height. And not to forget the prominent navy blue socks. Now the picture is complete. And I found it quite amusing. If you picture it in your mind, you too will find it amusing.

No wonder - This happens only in Mumbai!!!

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