Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Peculiar Sighting...

While travelling in Mumbai, one is sure to witness various events which are peculiar. Infact, peculiarity is so common that people pass off such things are being normal. :-) However, I came across a peculiar situation and couldn't pass it off as being a common peculiarity.

While travelling by local trains, one regularly comes across people sitting on the tracks to relieve themselves. I too was witness to a similar sight, but with a twist. While travelling to my office on Sunday afternoon (yes, Sunday afternoon...) I was standing on the foot board of a local train. I saw a man standing next to the tracks, either about to sit for answering nature's call, or just after completing the nature's call. Now, now... Don't ask me how I figured this out. I will not be giving any graphical details. Coming back to this man. He was standing there, browsing through a magazine, or so it seemed, only in his underwear in place. Thank GOD for the small mercies. I am sure he must be reading something related to films. Or why else would he stand without wearing his lungi properly, staring intently at the magazine (or newspaper) in his hands. Lets be practical. What all photographs appear in the magazines or newspapers? Either it is a photograph of violence/destruction or a photograph of a politician or some film star (read female stars) in a provocative position. Now, why would anyone stare at any random photograph of violence or a politician or a scenary. Fine, even if one does stare at these photographs, it will not be at the cost of standing in public with only your underwear intact. There has to be something more to it, to make one stand only with their underwear in place. Though a lunatic can do it at any place, but we are not talking about lunatics. So here was this man staring or rather oogling at the magazine without a care or a worry. Looking at his expressions and the situation that he was in, I guessed that it would surely be a filmi photograph that had distracted him. Call it a case of peculiar obsession... What say?

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Blogger Comic Guy said...

Nice post buddy...you catched the description quite well...a suggestion could you please change the background color of your blog from black to some other as it puts a lot of stress on eyes..i was wishing to read more of your posts but couldn't due to strainy background.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Simply Complicated said...

Hi Comic Guy,

Sorry for the late reply. I have intentionally changed the background to black as it saves a lot of power. A page with a black background consumes less power as compared to a page with a white or any other colour as background colour.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Comic Guy said...

I didn't understood what you mean by power..did you mean that a page with black background takes less power to write on it???
Well,if it may be the case then a black page takes a lot of power to 'read' on it..

12:30 PM  

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