Sunday, December 10, 2006

Riding High!!!

Travelling in Mumbai is indeed an experience. And it also gives you a high. Mumbaikars know is better than anyone else. Even I have had my fair share of highs... but the one that I enjoyed after a long long time was just three days ago. And I experienced it when I travelled in a double decker bus, sitting on the upper deck, front seat, near the aisle. The advantage of this seat is that you have the window right in front of you, rather than at the side. And the wind just comes on your face... Its an amazing experience.

I had missed my company bus as I was busy with some calls and had some work to finish. Rather than waiting for the next company bus, I decided to leave with my colleague and take the BEST bus. It was 10:20 pm and we went to the SEEPZ bus depot. It was totally empty, except for the BEST employees there. We were lucky to get the first seat on the upper deck. The ride from SEEPZ bus depot to Andheri station was enjoyable. As I sat there, enjoying the cool wind, the lyrics of "Hotel California" came to my mind-

On a dark desert highway,
cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas,
rising up through the air

It was surely dark, but we were not on a desert highway. And the smell was not of colitas, but the usual pollution and/or the typical Mumbai smell. And sitting on the upper deck gives you a very nice view. I agree that the road from SEEPZ to Andheri station does not have much worth viewing, but still. The next day too, when I was going to office in the afternoon, I took a double decker bus and luckily managed to get the front seat on the upper deck. And this time the experience was of travelling in day time, in contrast with the previous night. It really makes me wonder - there is so much to enjoy right beside us, but we keep running after things that are far away from us. Its time to stop and smell the roses around, rather than ignoring or avoiding them and being busy with our professional lives. Believe me friends, enjoying such simple things indeed makes a difference. Hope it makes a difference for you'll too.


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