Monday, November 06, 2006

Paichaan Kon!!!!

After staying away from home for nearly 2 years, I haven't changed much. Rather, I haven't changed at all. This is what my friends have been telling me since the time I have come back to Mumbai. But it seems the residents of my building do no recognize me. That's possible, considering the fact that I have hardly interacted with them during my stay of just over a year at my new home... And then I was missing in action from the building for nearly 2 years... So it is very much possible that people don't know me...

Yesterday, a similar scenario took place, when I went to buy milk. I was wearing my ghar ka T-shirt and track pants, and was carrying a pair of sunglasses in 1 hand and a plastic bag in another. When I entered the lift, to go to the ground floor, it was already occupied by a middle aged gentleman and a middle aged lady, henceforth called an uncle and an aunty. I do not recollect seeing them ever before, but for that matter, neither do I recollect seeing quite a few other residents too. Both were standing on the opposite walls of the lift. When I entered, I had no option, but to stand at the place where I put my first step, becuase neither the uncle nor the aunty were willing to give me space. What happened in the next few seconds was too much for me to handle. Just imagine how much time will it take for the lift to travel from fourth floor to the ground floor. As I stood with my arms folded, from the corner of my eye, I could see the uncle happily staring at me. To be precise, he was staring at my face. Then his gaze shifted to my sunglasses, which I was carrying in my hand. After satisfying himself that these are normal sunglasses and not some wierd scientific invention, his gaze shifted to my feet. I was wearing floaters, which were pretty normal and nothing extraordinary. Now I started feeling a bit uneasy. And I was waiting for the lift to reach the ground floor. But alas. The lift halted on second floor. Abhi tak second floor pe hi pahunche hain!!!! Oh God. Here I was trying to escape the stare of this uncle, and the lift had to halt now... After what seemed an eternity, the lift began its descent again. By this time, uncle's gaze had shifted back to my face. I couldn't understand how or why? All I knew was that I hadn't shaved since the last 3 days. Phir bhi, I don't think that not shaving for 3 days makes someone unrecognizable. After staring at my face for a few seconds, I don't know what happened, and uncle then shifted his gaze to my T-Shirt. And to top it all, he was not contect in the side-view. He wanted to know what was printed on my T-shirt. So he actually bent forward to take a look at my T-Shirt to get a good front view. Oh my god!!! I am not sure if he could make out anything, because he was standing to my righ and my T-shirt had the logo of my employer printed on the left chest. All of a sudden, some thought came to his mind and he quietly moved to the corner behind him. Thank God, I don't have eyes at the back of my head. Nahi to pata chalta uncle peeche se bhi stare kiye ja rahe hain... As soon as the lift stopped, I just ran out, not even waiting to hold the door for uncle and aunty. I know this is bad on my part, but I just couldn't stand being stared at. I was totally shaken and frustrated - itne kam time mein itna sab kuch ho gaya.

By the time I reached back home I had made up my mind. I informed my mother that 'In the best interests of you'll and me, and also in the best interests of the residents of this building, it will be good if I stay away from home and this building for most part of the day. And if by chance I do happen to be at home, then it will be good if I stay indoors and not venture out.'
I don't think that after staying for nearly 2 years in a different country, my looks have changed to warrant stares from people. Neither do I look like an animal, nor do I look like an alien from another planet. I still look like a human being and still am a human being, just like you all. Hope everybody understands this and does not make me feel like a NRI (Not Required Indian)!!!


Anonymous Adeel said...

good 1 sir..ur writing skill is simply awesome..and yeah...this happens with me sometime also..although me never gone out anywhere outside of my country..but staying away from house has its toll..
neways..the writing is awesome..i have to say that..:-)

4:46 PM  
Blogger Chinmay said...

I must say that you are one a rare soul indeed - Paajiz - the way you analyse small facts of life has always impressed me..!

I were to define this Blog - hmmmmm let me think - I would say this blog is an honest form of expression. Sharing whats is interesting to you - is amazing indeed! Let u also write kuch hot-shot stuff too ;)

9:45 PM  

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