Friday, December 01, 2006

Mayhem in Maharashtra

Yesterday's mayhem in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nanded and other parts of Maharashtra has raised quite a few questions. But the most common of them is - "Why does the common man have to endure these hardships and face the brunt of the mob?" And it is indeed a genuine question. No doubt, the desecration of Dr. Ambedkar's statue was a very terrible thing. But was the violence, arson, rioting called for? Will the destruction of life and property revert the damage that was done to Dr. Ambedkar's statue? Will it help bring peace and harmony in the society? Will it help the economic growth of the country? The sight of Deccan Queen burning was indeed horrible. And the same for the local trains.

No doubt, India provides 'Freedom of Speech and Expression' to all its citizens. But is this a way to express yourself? Is this what we call 'Freedom of Expression'? Can anyone enlighten me on this please?


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