Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Hawk's Flight...

Hawk, one of the most magnificient birds, to adorn this planet. The other day, when I was at Haji Ali, I was watching a hawk fly/glide effortlessly. I also got to see this bird in action when I was at BandStand.

So simple, so effortless - a hawk makes flying look very simple. One strong flap of the wings is enough for it to gain height and continue gliding around without a care or worry. It flies as if it has all the time in the world and there is nothing else bothering it. The smooth glide along with the wind, the gentle twist of its tail to help it turn around, the straight majestic body - its simply beautiful. I tried capturing it on my camera, but managed to get it only in one corner of the frame, as it was about to leave the frame. I need to practice more if I have to get this majestic bird on camer. Looking at a hawk fly brings a sense of calm to me. In the skies, with so many birds, a hawk can easily keep gaining height till it ensures that it is away from the normal crowd, where the sky is its own. I wish I could adapt this in my life and rise above the trivial issues that sometimes tend to bother me like anything.

Do take some time out from your busy schedules and watch the hawk in action...


Blogger Chinmay said...

Even though I like nature a lot, but Birds have always had been significant for me. Bird Watching as a hobby makes one understand the true nuances of the game called life ;) Very well drafted post - gives me yet another compelling reason to visit Bandstand !!

3:04 AM  

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