Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mere yaar ki shaadi!!!

Date : 02-Dec-2006
Time : 10:49 am
Event : The number of singles in our group goes down by 1. Ek khaas dost ki shaadi ho gayi. Should I call it "My Best Friend's Wedding"? the similarity ends in the name. Lets not map the movie with the actual event. :-)

Excellent arrangement, excellent decoration, typical traditional Maharashtrian wedding, good food - what more can one ask for? And not to forget the lovely couple who got married. It was only because of them that we could enjoy this much. :-) Had a gala time that day... Met the whole group of college friends. I distinctly remember those college days when we used to have fun and party. I still remember the day of our last T.Y.B.Com. exam when almost all of us met together for a party... And even the times after that, till the weddings began. The girls were first to get married. And then a guy from our group got married. After that, there was a total calm... Four bachelors still remained. But now, only 3 are remaining. Let me not get distracted.

The wedding - aah, what fun it was... Whether it was the actual ceremony or the reception - it was very well planned. I reached the venue well before the time of the muhurat. The groom, Ashutosh, was sitting in a room, dressed in a traditional Kurta-pyjama, with the headgear on, waiting to tie the knot. All the friends had gathered in that room and were having a nice time. But the most enjoyable part of the whole wedding was the event where the bride's sisters steal the shoes of the groom and return it only when the groom gives them some (read, a considerable sum) money. And this is where the bride's party goofed up. By mistake they took the sandals of the groom's dad. And they realized their mistake pretty late. Everyone had a hearty laugh.

The reception was also good. It was just that Ashu hadn't eaten anything since morning. And poor chap had to keep standing and smiling throughout the reception, on an empty stomach. Just before the reception, when Ashu was getting ready, we asked him if he would like to eat anything... And he requested us to get a packet of chips. One of our friends, Piyush, went downstairs to bring a pack of chips for Ashu. But he didnt turn up for about 10 minutes. Deepak went downstairs to search for him. But by the time he (Deepak) came back, Ashu was already on the stage with his bride, smiling away to glory (on an empty stomach). Deepak came back with a packet of chips, which was gladly devoured by yours truly and our friends and kids. And then we found out the reason for delay in Piyush's arrival. He had joined a couple of other friends for lunch in the dining hall, with the packet of chips with him. :-) Ahsu, please note this. We are not responsible for the delay in getting your packet of chips. But I do accept the responsibility of initiating the process of emptying the pack. :-D

When I went to the dining hall for lunch, Piyush was still eating his lunch. So, in short, we all got an opportunity to fill our tummies, except for Ashu. He was still smiling away to glory. Piyush, Maulik, Hiral (Maulik's only better half), Delcy, Gayatri, Ananya (Gayatri's daughter) and yours truly - all had our lunch peacefully. Only after we had our lunch to our fill, we decided to go on stage and congratulate the couple. Ashu had a relieved expression when he saw us. His first words were - "Finally...". I was a bit taken aback. Was he not enjoying his wife's company on stage? Or was he looking for someone else to share the limelight? But I decided to let these questions rest at that time. Though I am still waiting for someone to respond to them. Anyways, after the photosession, it was time to leave. And I reminded Ashu of something, that he could not recollect. Very happily, he commented - "Yaad nahi tu kya bola tha. But abhi bol de..." And then as an afterthought, he quickly added - "Nahi, abhi kuch mat bol. Tu jo bhi bola tha, woh baad mein baat karte hain. Abhi kuch mat bol." And everyone was first confused and then they were in splits.

Overall, it was a good wedding. We had a real nice time. Ashu, can we have it once more please?


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