Friday, January 12, 2007


One word that everyone understands, but yet, the definition or measure is differnt for each person. This was the topic of our discussion today. Whenever we go home early in the morning, after our night-outs in office, we see scores of people leaving their homes and going to their workplaces. Are they struggling to uplift themselves in the society? On second thoughts, who doesn't want to move higher in the society. Is it that they are struggling because they don't have secured jobs? Not really. That may be their shift timings, or they must be commuting long distances to reach their place of work. But the question still remains - Are they in a situation worse than ours? Not really. You just can't judge a person depending on the time he goes to work. We, for that matter, staying in office overnight may or may not be happy. It depends. Some people enjoy it, whereas some don't. It also depends on the frame of mind and attitude. A person may be filthy rich, but yet not happy. Whereas a person may be a pauper, yet very happy. So what defines happiness? While we were brooding and discussing over this, we noticed 2 dogs playing with each other. They were trying to snatch an empty cigarette box from each others mouth. It made me wonder - are they happy? But then there is no way to figure it out. Who knows what emotions go through their mind at any given point of time. Besides, they don't have to sit and slog like we do... And then it comes back again to the main point - Happiness. And more than that - Are we happy? Some food for though here...


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