Saturday, December 30, 2006

Death of a Dictator

This year is less than 48 hours away from coming to an end. But thatdid not stop the era of a dictator coming to an end. Since the timeUS has invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein has always been in the news.After his capture by US forces, everyone was keenly following the caseagainst him. The judgement was also eagerly awaited. The world wasdivided over the judgement - whether to hang him or not. However, theday of Saddam's execution arrived. He was hanged to death today.

If you happened to see the news channels, they were showing thefootage of Saddam's last few minutes. No doubt, news channels bringyou the latest happenings in the world, but has the media become soinsensitive to show such footages on TV? Have the citizens of theworld become so sadistic that they derive pleasure by watching suchvideos? I am not favouring or expressing my angst over the judgementor the sentence. I am neither supporting Saddam nor the US forces.Sharing news is one thing, but actually showing it is another. Thisis just a concern that I am raising with respect to the feelings ofthe people of this world. Let us not loose our humanity and let ourfuture generations not see this organized and legal bloodshed.

I rest my case here...


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