Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yesterday, while having my lunch, I was watching 'The Terminal' on Star Movies. It is a wonderful movie and Tom Hanks has portrayed his character amazingly well. A man, stuck at an airport because his country is involved in a coup and the government derecognized, who does not know English, and being stuck at an airport without knowing where to go and what to do. The expresssion on his face, his reactions, his handling of the situation is simply amazing.
It was then that it hit me. What if it happens to me? How would I react in such a situation? Will I be able to 'jhelofy' this? I mean, I am ok if I end up with a beautiful lady like Catherine Zeta Jones. But I am already married. And so is Catherine. So what would I do? I guess I would take her as a bride for some of my eligible bachelor (or spinster) friends. Kisi ka to bhala hona chahiye. Atleast 1 person will not complain ki main 'foren' se kuch laaya nahi.

What if it would have happened to some near and dear one? How would he/she react in such a situation? And how would I react in such a situation? Despite the panic that would ensure in the household, I would try and keep everyone cool and try to defuse the tension. And if I got an opportunity to talk to the person who is actually caught in this manner, I would surely tell him to catch a beautiful/handome (whatever is applicable) spouse and come back, so that we would not have to run around searching for a suitable partner for him/her. However, if the person caught up in the 'Terminal' situation is already married (not to forget that I too am married), I would have asked him to get a beautiful/handsome spouse for one of my eligible bachelor (or spinster) friends.

Overall, its not that bad a situation to be in... What say guys?

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