Friday, March 23, 2007

A Concorde, finally!!!

Yesterday, I became a proud owner of a Concorde. Sorry, not 'a' Concorde, but 'a couple of Concordes'. Yes, you read it right. I became the owner of a couple of Concordes... Hang on, don't start imagining yourselves in my dreamliner so soon. Not that I don't intend to take you'll with me. But it's just that, the Concorde is not a real one. It is a scale model of the actual Concorde.

Concorde - The last word in British and European jet technology for almost thirty years has left the skies (even though her specs still exceed modern fighter planes). My friend, Vishal, has gifted me a couple of die-cast Corgi models of Concorde. Thanks a lot, Vishy.

This double die-cast Corgi model set of Concorde features the original and final livery of Concorde and has been created to commemorate her great achievement. Some legends never stop flying...


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