Monday, August 27, 2007

Absoutely unexplainable

Yesterday, I had been to the Mahalakshmi temple in Kolhapur. I met a friend from my college days. We were both in the queue and saw each other. Though we both were not sure if we were right in thinking that we know the other person. I decided to wait in the temple after the darshan and talk to her. There could be only 2 possibilities - one that she was the same person who I though she was, and second that she wasn't that person. Had the second possibility been true, she would have told me that she didn't know me or that she wasn't the person whom I thought she was. I know this is nothing new. Quite a few people come across long lost buddies
or college mates. But what is surprising is the fact that though both of us are settled in Bombay we have never met in Bombay once we completed our graduation. And after that, we lost touch. We met after 8 years and that too in a distant place - Kolhapur. Had it been a train station or bus station it would be understandable. But meeting in a temple is something absolutely unexplainable. Call it divine intervention or whatever. But I am still amazed as to how we met in a temple. Another interesting thing is that yesterday was just the second time I met her mother. The first time when I had met her mother was also in a temple, though in Bombay. Does this hold any meaning? I surely need The Alchemists' help to figure this out.

Till then, enjoy...

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Blogger Comic Guy said...

Your posts reminds me the quotation
"Its simple to be happy but its too difficult to be simple"
Just keep your simplicity intact.

12:22 AM  

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