Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hand Writing

My tryst with writing started when I was a kid. To be politically correct, it was not writing, but more of scribbling on paper or book or walls or whatever-I-could-lay-my-hands-on. I was more than happy to draw a line or scribble some gibberish and admire my own creation. Then started school, and I had to be a bit disciplined in using a pencil for writing and a crayon for drawing (read scribbling). As I grew older and moved to higher classes (not because I grew older, but because I successfully passed from one standard to the next), the focus on pencil became more prominent. Crayons were strictly for drawing. However, the difference between my handwriting and the scribbling barely increased. Everyone was after me to improve my handwriting and that started the process of using cursive writing books to improve my hand-writing. When I moved from the primary section to the secondary section, I was advised to use an ink-pen and not a ball pen to prevent further deterioration to my handwriting. Cursive writing continued. When my handwriting became legible (or so I was told), I stopped cursive writing. And life went on smooth.

As soon as school got over, I moved to college and started using ball pen. Though ink pen was still the preferred option. My hand writing started deteriorating after using a ball pen. Atleast this is what everyone told me. So I tried to improve my hand writing again, but some things are never meant to be. My hand writing is one of them. In the mean time, I had also started using a computer. As time progressed, my typing improved as my computer usage improved. However, my hand writing showed no signs of improvement. After entering the professional world, which for me is the big world of IT, the usage of pen decrease and the usage of computer increased and along with it increased the deterioration in my hand writing. Today, things have come to such a stage that I totally avoid using a pen or a pencil and willingly use the keyboard. Typing is so easy, and it is also very legible. :-) Why get into the trouble of making other take the effort to understand my hand writing!!! On second thoughts, I feel I should have become a doctor. After all, my hand writing is fit to be that of a doctor; whether I am fit to be a doctor or not is a different story. :-Þ

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the handwriting... good or bad ... I think is a tool to understand a person. It has so much to do with the characteristics and attributes of a person. The way a person writes can describe the state, mood of the person.

In the lighter note.. So how much ever you try your handwriting is not gonna change till YOU dont change.. bote hain na.. kutte ki doom tedhi ki raheti hain..

So good luck to you.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Cara said...

Good post.

7:10 AM  

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