Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Cat's ninth life...

A cat, a familiar yet a mysterious animal. An animal that shares a unique relationship with its master (or mistress) as a pet without compromising on its independence. It is a common adage that 'A cat has nine lives'. There have been various reasons suggested for this adage coming up. But we will not get into it.

The other day, while travelling to office, I saw a dead black cat lying on the road. It had been run over by some vehicle earlier and it was lying sideways, totally flat on the ground with more vehicles running over it one after the other. The saying about cat's nine lives came to my mind. Was it that the cat had exhausted all its nine lives? Or was it that it never got a chance to redeem all its nine lives? We may never know the truth...

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Blogger Comic World said...

Very nicely described feelings..its your choice of simple topics mentioned in simple and honest feelings blended with lucid words.
Its a joy to ready your day to day incidents...pls keep it up.

12:23 AM  

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