Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What's in a name???

Yesterday, while having a general discussion in office, my friend said- 'Yaar, ek bahut sahi movie hai - Good Friday. Dekhi hai tumne?'. Now, yours truly is a very cinema challenged wierdo. So I told himthat I haven't seen this movie and neither have I heard this nameearlier. So he again said that it is a very good movie and that Ishould watch it. He further added that it is based on 1993 Bombaybomb blasts. I started wondering, how can there be a movie based on1993 blasts and be named as 'Good Friday'. I mean, the name of themovie may symbolize an occassion of religious importance for somecitizens of the world, but if it is used for a movie that depicts thehorror of the 1993 blasts in Bombay, then its a bit strange. Then itstruck me - the movie is 'Black Friday' and not 'Good Friday'. Istarted abusing him wholeheartedly, ignoring the fact that I was inoffice amidst a few civilized associates (and also a few uncivilizedassociates). And I told him that the movie name is 'Black Friday' andnot 'Good Friday'. He realized his mistake, but by that time theothers had heard it and were having a good laugh on him. Even hestarted laughing and said that as long as you'll understood what moviewas I talking about, how does the name matter? Oh yeah!!! After all,what's in a name...?

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