Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Life is...

Life is... Life is a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are a bit messed up!!! Is it because of these messed up lyrics that life seems beautiful? What would life be like if the lyrics were all fine?

Everyone's life goes through ups and downs. Even though quite a few people say that life has always been good to them, it is not true. Life has been hard to everyone at some point of time. What differs are the circumstances that you face and how you deal with them. However, one thing is common amongst all - whatever be the circumstances, whatever be the outcome, everyone comes out stronger from such difficult times. Sometimes I wonder, would I really be enjoying my life just the way I am doing now, without these downs that I have faced or I am facing or the ones that I will face in the future? I don't think so. Howmuch ever I crib about the downs in my life, I know that these are the moments where there has surely been a supreme power watching over me and taking care of me at every step. I also know that these are the times because of which I am able to appreciate the ups in my life, because of which I am able to celebrate the joys in my life and also celebrate my life...

What do you feel about life? Is it the same with you? Or do you have a different experience to share?



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