Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mission Cleanup with an 'ouch'...

Its been long since I have written a post. And that too on me... So now, I am back, with a... ouch... It was a lovely Saturday evening and I was working on my PC at home. It had been a tiring day with all the Diwali cleaning going on. I decided to take a break and mom continued with the cleaning. She decided to change the covers of the seat of the chairs. She asked me to stand for a few minutes so that she could replace the seat of my chair. Now the chairs at home are wooden chairs. And once the seat is removed, it actually becomes an empty frame. This photo will give you a better idea of the same.

Coming back to the cleaning part. Mom removed the seat and I continued working while standing. Very soon, something grabbed my attention and I decided to sit and continue working. The great absent-minded personality that I am, I had completely forgotten that the seat of my chair was missing. And I sat... Or did I...? Down I went through the centre. And it happened so fast that I hardly had the time to react. I quickly left my mouse and used my arms to break my fall. At the end of the fall, my rear was just a few inches, or rather centimetres, above the floor. My head was resting on the back rest of the chair. My legs out of the hollow chair in front. My left hand out to the left and my right hand out to the right. I thought I had hurt myself. But since I was not feeling any pain, my thoughts immediately shifted to a different direction. In the morning, one of the channels was airing the movie 'My Name is Anthony Gonsalves'. At the time when I switched to that channel, an action scene was beginning. Mithun da, yes apna Disco Dancer, kicked a hooligan. The hooligan flew in the air and landed in a drum, with his rear inside, head out, legs out on the opposite side of the head and his hands out too. While I was sitting, if I can take the liberty of calling it 'sitting', in that position, I immediately remembered this scene and burst out laughing. Now, I am not a hooligan (this being the major difference) and I was not unconscious unlike the hooligan who was knocked out cold. Even when I came out of that 'comfortable' position, I was laughing hillariously. I hope I don't get such opportunities again and neither does anyone else.


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