Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bark of a dog

The other day, while going home in the evening, I noticed a dog barking. Now I know there is nothing special about a dog's bark or a barking dog. But this was a typical scenario. First, this dog was a white pomerian. Second, he was tied to the window grill of a Country liquor bar, bole to 'Desi daru ka adda'. Yes yes, there is a desi daru ka adda on my way home. Whether I drink or not is another issue, so we will not get into it. Coming back to the barking dog... Since I was on my way home when I saw the dog barking, I started wondering about the probable reasons as to why the dog was barking. Following are the probable reasons that I could think of-
1. It must be barking at some bevda who must have surely done something to irritate it. But what can a bevda do to irritate a dog? On second thoughts, what can't a bevda do to irritate anyone?
2. It is possible that the dog was barking on the regular customers, who did not visit the bar on that day.
3. Another possibility is that the dog was barking on the regularly irregular customers since they were not visiting the bar regularly which was impacting the income of the bar owner who might be the owner of the dog too.
4. Is it possible that because of point 3 above, the dog too was getting less food. Well, quite possible if the dog owner also happened to be the bar owner.
5. Last but not the least, the dog must have been barking because it did not get its daily quote of desi daru...
There may be many more, but my brain refuses to cooperate and come up with other ideas till my mouth is treated to a khamba of desi daru. But I refuse to fall prey to the desires of my swaad-indri. If you'll have any better idea, no not about how I should control myself, but about why the dog was barking, please provide your comments.

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