Thursday, January 20, 2011

Izz All Really Well???

Today's day has been a day which has shaken me up. A storm had been brewing inside me and I guess, today, it has predicted its arrival. And going by the sneak preview, it seems that this storm will blow away a few bridges. The best part was - the sneak preview happened just as the work day was beginning. And this storm arose when I had called up home. I do not know how long will it take for the raging storm to subside, but I do know that the time has come to take a final call and settle things down.

I had somehow managed to curb the raging storm when someone very close to me said - "It's high time you come back to India; you have been in US for long now." And it makes me all the more anxious and eager to head back to India because that is where my heart is...

Confusion hi confusion hai, solution ka pata nahi. Solution jo mila to sala, question kya tha pata nahi!!! And I am still expected to say - "All iz Well"!!!

p.s. - Names have not been revealed and much has not been written about the stakeholders to protect their identities and myself too. :P

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