Saturday, April 10, 2010

LandRover and Kids!!!

The other day, after a CR meet, when I was having a discussion with a few CRs, one of the CRs casually told me - "Sir, do you own a LandRover?" I was surprised. I said that I didn't own a bicycle; a LandRover is a far fetched thought. Though, I wouldn't mind owning one :) He said that there is a rumour among the participants that you own a LandRover. As long as it was between the CRs and me, I could understand it. But now, it also involved the other participants. And there are approximately 350 participants in all. (I hope the other 250 participants who moved into their projects from Monday have not heard this rumour.) While I was trying to convince this CR that I don't own a LandRover, another CR added "You have been working for 7.5 to 8 years. So you must definitely have earned so much that you can buy a LandRover." Now, whoever thinks that I must have earned a lot in my 7.5 years (to be precise - 1 month less for completing 7.5 years) of experience, either doesn't know about my company in terms of what they pay, or they think too much about the organization that we work in. ;-) Coming back to the discussion, they accepted what I said, albeit reluctantly.

The next day, I was talking to one of the CRs and he introduced me to a lady participant who was his friend. We were 4 of us and we had just started talking. Suddenly this lady asked me - "Sir, you have a LandRover, right?" And I was stumped. I said the same thing that I had said the day before - "I don't even own a bicycle, how will I own a LandRover?" But she was not convinced. She said, "Sir, some of participants have seen you in the LandRover and you were driving your kids around." As long as it was a LandRover, it was fine... But LandRover with kidsssss??????? That was a googly and I couldn't figure out the head or tail or it. I was still grappling with the shock that I had received, when there came a 'doosra' one that must have surely made Muralitharan proud... I was clean bowled. This was a deadly blow to my prospects of finding a girl who would be willing to be my life partner... Not that my prospects were too bright before this 'rumour' spread!!! Yet, this sounded like a death knell for me... Even though this was going on in my mind, I was actually laughing - call it 'Gham ki hansi'!!! I soon gathered myself and said that "I don't have a LandRover and I don't know who you all are talking about... Kids is still a long way to go..." The lady said - "Sir, we have a point to prove that it is your LandRover. Now, if you are taking your kids out for a drive, then it surely has to be your LandRover. Why would you take someone else's LandRover?" Valid point, but only if I had a LandRover... (Let us leave the kids out of this for sometime; I need to take care of my image too...) ;-)

Zor ka jhatka... zor se hi laga!!! I couldn't wait to hear anything more... Seems like people sense of rumour is getting better these days... And before I forget, the next time you see a LandRover... (what colour did those guys mention... was it white??? I think so...) So the next time you see a White LandRover and you think I am driving it, please flag it down and I would be glad to give you a ride in it, provided 'I' am driving it...

Till then, keep searching.

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Blogger Cyber Junkie .. said...

Hmm..Quite interesting..I think there are only handful of these beauties(Land rovers) in India as of now..And you own one..Sirji..I didnt know that..:)))koool...

And kids??????????? wow!! aapne shaadi kab kiya??? Is it like another Sohaib Mallik Saga........Hmmm....Bhabiji kahan hain??

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Michelle Henriques said...

HaHa...really astute and cool..Keep it up Sir.. :)

9:53 PM  

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