Sunday, April 05, 2009

Too much to do, but nothing done...

A lovely Sunday... without any care or worry... after a long long time... I had 2 options that lay ahead - visit the Parx Super Car Show (PSCS) at Kalaghoda, 10 am onwards... Or go for a swim (again after a long long time)... Last night I had checked out a website on PSCS and was all the more eager to visit it. But somehow last night itself I decided to go for a swim instead... After all, even if I would have visited PSCS, nobody would have given me a ride in their expensive machines... So a swim would have been a better option any day. However, I forgot one important fact - the fact that I had been sneezing like a dog from Saturday afternoon. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I had a slight cold, because of which I decided to give swimming a miss... not again... Since I had already decided of not going to PSCS and going for a swim, and now decided not to go for a swim, I chose an option very few would have chosen - staying at home and helping out with the cleaning and vacuuming. That too was pending since quite some time. Enthusiastically, I pulled out the vacuum cleaner and its attachments. I removed my tennis and badminton racquets that were kept above my cupboard, dusted the top of my cupboard, dusted my rackets and dusted the other cupboard too in my room... now with the dusting done, I moved on to vacuuming. I plugged in the base unit to the electrical socket. The suction pipe was not yet attached to the unit. I attached the required attachment to reach out to the back of my bed and also under it. All plugged in and set, I decided to connect the attachment to the blower in the base unit. And viola... "we have a situation here"... The connector in the blower gave away... And my dream of vacuuming my home after ages... still remains a dream... I guess it would have been better if I would have visited PSCS instead...

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