Monday, January 26, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

'Wardrobe Malfunction' - it only happens to others, never to oneself. This is the most common scenario. But then the law of averages does catch up with each one of us in one way
or the other.

Last week, I was working throughout the day and night due to project deadlines. It was a Friday, a dry day indeed. ;-) I was wearing my new corduroy trousers (just purchased 5 days ago)... Everything was fine till lunch. While going for lunch, my friends proceeded to the cafetaria and I went to the loo before joining them. After attending to the call of nature, I realized that the zip of my trousers was not zipping back in place. I struggled and struggled and struggled... and somehow managed to get my trousers zipped and buttoned. I dread to think how would I be eating my lunch if I hadn't managed to zip the trousers back in place. But now that things were fine, I proceeded to the cafetaria. Lunch was good, had a nice hearty laugh, but somehow the zip and its disobedience was at the back of my mind. After lunch, I got back to work. And it was going to be a long day ahead for me. I was supposed to stay overnight in office to support a production release of an application with a long history. After a few hours, I again had to go to attend nature's call. This was the time the fun started. After attending the call, when I started zipping my trousers, the zip got stuck. It wouldn't budge. It had actually revolted against me and the disobedience movement was in full swing. I was confused. I didn't know what to do. The zip was not willing to move up and help me zip my trousers. I pulled and pulled the zipper, also afraid that it should not give way. And I couldn't take the risk of sitting in office without zipping my trousers too. Thankfully the zip cooperated a little, and I managed to pull it to its half way mark on its path. It was an alltogether different matter that even when at its halfway mark, it was not functioning properly. The lower half was still not zipped. But I had another dilemma in front of me. What if, at night, I wish to go to the loo and the zip doesn't cooperate. And even if I manage to unzip my trousers, how will I zip it again? I was confused. But a decision had to be taken. Something had to be done. I decided to leave it at the half way mark and take each visit to the loo as and when I make it. I let my shirt out and left it without tucking it in. This would atleast save me from some embarassment. I also rolled up my sleeves, to make it look like I was totally chilled out on a Friday evening. And I went back to my seat and started working again. Thankfully, during the night, I could manage to unzip my trousers (which were already unzipped with only the zip at the half way mark) while attending nature's call and then get the zip back to the half way mark. Thus the night passed and even half of Saturday passed without any eventuality. Thank God for small mercies!!!
After reaching home, the first thing I did was to change my trousers and kept it aside to take it back to the store from where I purchased it, so that I could get it fixed. Indeed, a wardrobe malfunction can be a harrowing experience.

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