Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jaago sone walo...

The other day, I left from office at 11 pm. I was feeling very tired and wanted to reach home as soon as possible so that I could sleep peacefully. With no one for company, I was feeling very bored waiting alone at the bus stop. Finally the AC bus arrived and got in. I got a nice window seat to sit comfortably. After having verified my bus pass, I lost myself in thoughts - random thoughts about office, home, life and anything and everything that came to my mind. I did not realize when my mind transitioned from processing mode to standby mode. I was completely oblivious to my surrounding and to the motion of the bus too. I was fast asleep. Imagine the comfort of AC bus and sleeping in such a comfort... :) The only thing missing was a beautiful dream. But even without the dream, I was fast asleep.

I was woken up by the voice of driver shouting. I stirred in my sleep. I thought the bus driver must be shouting at a driver of some other vehicle. Generally, I do not bother to check the status of the participants involved in the verbal duel. But it was one of those rare moments when inquisitiveness got the better of me. I half-opened my eyes, trying to figure out where we were, before I could ascertain some information about the other party involved in the 'verbal' duel. When I looked out of the window, I could see some place, but was not able to figure out which area it was. Having been a hardcore Mumbaikar and travelled this route for quite some time, not able to identify the location was a blot on my global positioning capabilities and navigational skills. And it hurt... atleast then, it sure did hurt. However, I took solace in the fact that I was not able to identify the location because I had just woken up from deep sleep and needed a few seconds to come to terms with the surroundings. During all this, the driver's ranting continued. Meanwhile, I just happened to see a couple of guys get off the bus. The driver was looking behind and still ranting. I thought he must be sharing his frustration with the passengers and looking at the passengers to get some sort of approval for his rants. I looked around the bus and realized that I was the only passenger seated royally. By this time I was almost back in my senses. And I could clearly hear the rants of the driver and also figure out what they meant. It was then the driver shouted again - "Last stop aa gaya... utro abhi..." I looked around again to make sure that I was the only one in the bus, other than the driver and conductor and that this was indeed the last stop. My brain's GPS immediately identified the location. And I scampered to alight from the bus. After alighting from the bus, I stood at the bus stop for a few seconds to come to my senses fully. Having analyzed the situation, I crossed the road from underneath the flyover and went to the bus stop on the other side to catch a bus for home. I finally reached home about 35 - 40 minutes later than when I should have actually reached home.

So much for trying to reach home early and oversleeping in the bus!!!

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