Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nain lad gayi hain...

Life is an interesting journey. Na jaane kab kahan kisi se mulakaat ho jaye, ya phir sirf aankhen hi chaar ho jayein... make it 6 for me, since I wear glasses.

The building where I live is built like a hotel. You have a long corridor and apartments (flats in apna local lingo) on either side, just the way you have it in a hotel. The building is having a ground floor and a first floor. I stay on the first floor. To reach my apartment, you have to take the left corridor on the first floor. And my apartment is the second one on the right. Since it is a hotel kind of a setup, I have never bothered to figure out who all stay in this building.

Yesterday, while coming back home in the evening, I turned into the left corridor and was just about to reach the first apartment on the right, when its door opened. Ab darwaza khula hai to nazar to jayegi hi... And there I saw one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Don't assume 'woman' matlab 'aunty'. This lady would have been 2 - 3 years younger to me. She was wearing a saree and was all decked up. Her saree was mutli coloured - rather it had colours of white, pink and blue, in almost straight line, without borders, forming a continuous pattern. Hamari nazre mili - yeh to hona hi tha... yeh bhi koi likhne wali baat hai... I almost stopped in my tracks... She stepped ahead and was looking at me. I thought she must be going out. But mahaul ban gaya. Mahaul bana because I was wearing a blazer and tie (not just a blazer and tie, but shirt and trousers too and that is my daily ka dress code and not just for 1 day). And she was wearing a saree... Kaafi achchi pairing ho jaati, agar woh kuch second aur wahi ruk jaati to... We saw each other for a couple of seconds and then something struck her. She moved back in and closed the door. :( And I moved ahead to my apartment, still wondering ki woh kaun thi... rather hai...

Once I reached home and settled down, I realized that it was Karva Chauth. And if she was all decked up, it is higly likely ki she must be married and must be going somewhere for 'pooja'. Bas, the moment it dawned on me ki she must be married, all the castles that I had built in the air, came crashing down... Seems like I will have to wait for some more time to ensure that my castle gets a good foundation and stays grounded. Till then, I'll keep searching and also keep building castles in the air...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sumeet,
You are in the right direction dost! You have passed the test of India; a true Hindustani. You have proved this on 2 counts here:
1. Going by the western thought, she would have been into your arms irrespective of her marital status! But you didnt let this happen.
2. You have depicted your strong belief in our Pledge by searching for your partner there :-)Continue to follow it in true letter & spirit.
We are proud of you!
Keep in touch & take care.


3:09 PM  
Blogger Simply Complicated said...

Yeah yeah... That western thought has come to India too... :P But nahi - i don't prefer it that way. tu mera mazaak uda, jitna udana hai uda... mera number aayega... :D
waise, 2 din pehle hi pata chala ki she has a kid too... it was a typical "Twacha se to umar ka pata hi nahi chala" wala moment for me man... but the kid was cute...

11:17 PM  

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