Friday, January 01, 2010

A tale of 2 MAs

All of us must have received some email related to discussions between customers and help desk / technical support teams. Here is one such conversation, to be added to the already entertaining list that we might have gone through-

(Note - The situation is real. However, the names of the parties involved have been changed to protect their identity.)

Situation - AK, the Functional Consultant from Support team, is working on an issue logged by Mirza Ali Baig. After sometime, he sends a message to Mirza Ali Baig on messenger.

AK (to Mirza Ali Baig) - explains the reason why the problem occurred and what should be done to fix it.
AK - I have sent you an email too on this. Please let me know if you are fine with it so that I can close the ticket.
MAB - Ok. Let me check.

After a few seconds...

MAB - I haven't received your email as yet. You must have sent to Mirza Ali.
AK - Oh... so you and Mirza Ali are different people???
MAB - yes

What a brilliant question!!! Even though MAB himself says that the mail must have been sent to MA, AK still wants to confirm if MA and MAB are different people.

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Burnt by oil

Following is an excerpt from an actual conversation that took place between 2 adults, RL and OD.
RL (to OD) - Hi, what happened to your hand? You had a bandage on yesterday.
OD - Yes, got burnt.
RL - Oh!! How did it happen?
OD - Oil fell on my hand
RL - Oh!!!

After a brief pause...

RL - Tel garam tha kya???
After asking this question, RL realized what he had asked; and he kept quite. He was just waiting to finish the conversation and leave.

A long pause...

OD (completely frustrated, with a scorn on his face) - Aur nahi to kya!!! Tel garam hi rahega na...

As soon as OD answered, RL walked away from there.

This is amazing... RL has a good sense of humour. I am wondering, what made RL ask the question "Tel garam tha kya???" ROFL
p.s. - This is not a work of fiction and all characters and their similarities are purely intentional.

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